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Principal / Top Dog

With a marketing background and a subscription to every known culinary publication on the planet, Angela's decision to lead her design business down the food and wine path was inevitable. In the process, she became a certified sommelier and created & authored The Wine Wheel®—an ongoing series of "wheels" designed to ease the unassuming consumer's fear of wine selection.


Alpha Designer

After receiving her BFA from the University of Michigan School of Art, Sandra joined Axion Design in San Anselmo where she was assigned to high-profile packaging projects for clients such as Con Agra, Nestlé, and Clorox. She left big business (and big bucks) behind her to join the Spotted Dog team in 1995, overseeing the art and creative direction of all packaging and food-related projects that pass through the studio doors. In 2004, Sandra became the first graphic designer to serve as President of the San Francisco Professional Food Society.


Graphic Production Artist/Herder

With her BAs in creative writing and Japanese from San Francisco State University in hand, Mei set off into the world of book publishing and graphic design. Along the way, she's worked on print and web projects for the San Francisco International Film Festival, Chronicle Books, and other design agencies. When she's not obsessing about kerning, you can find her planning out her quest to find the best banh mi in San Francisco.

Maya Butterfield

Web Production

A stickler for clean code and user-friendly design, Maya has been building & maintaining web sites since the dark ages of the web, in the mid-90's.